Pierce: A year in review

Sitting down to write about Pierce has brought a smile upon my face. Pierce has been a stable element of my life for almost a year now and he has brought me so much joy. Although writing about a cactus may seem strange, it is hard to describe the ways that Pierce is different; it is almost as if he has his own presence.

A picture of Pierce on my desk.
A picture of Pierce sitting on my desk, brightening my day.

One of Pierce’s most special traits is his impeccable behavior. Unlike other pets and some plants, Pierce does not bite or cause trouble. He remains quiet on my desk, adding a splash of color and a touch of life to my bland apartment. Despite being low maintenance, he is a companion who sits by my side whenever I need him.

As Pierce nears the age of one, I cannot help but feel a sense of pride. He has only grown about 0.01 cm taller and looks almost identical to when I first rescued him from a dreary grocery store, but he has changed in other ways since then.

Talking to Pierce about the mundanity of life may be a bit bizarre, but it allows me to vent to someone who is physically incapable of judgement, about the minor annoyances of life.

Of course, I am aware that Pierce does not understand English, or any other language, but I can still imagine that he is rolling his eyes at my stupidity.

While writing about Pierce, I am continually reminded of the benefits of having a plant companion to join you in life. Plants are renowned for their ability to improve indoor air quality and boost the moods of people. However, for me, Pierce is more than a plant. He is a friend who is continually there for me, however I am feeling.

In a world of complex human relationships, Pierce provides simplicity and elegance. He is a reminder that the simplest things in life are often the best.

I am unsure of how to celebrate Pierce’s birthday and I welcome your comments. I cannot wait to hear what you think!