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Phone hunting


Phone hunting is awful. It is a time consuming process to find a phone that is affordable but not obsolete, small but not tiny, and less powerful but not slow.

I hate the process because it takes me absolutely forever to find something affordable and as soon as I buy it, a new phone immediately takes its place. In order to find the right phone, you need to time your search around the latest Apple event so that your newly purchased iPhone is not replaced by an even better phone.

Before you say "You should switch to Android," in the comments section, I'm going to make it clear. I do not have any interest in switching to an Android phone. While I do not agree with the App Store monopoly and how bullying has helped Apple to sell their products1, the walled garden approach to the Apple ecosystem has made everything a more cohesive and integrated experience.

To conclude, I despise looking for phones because it is a tedious and frustrating process. I don't need the newest phone but I do need a functional phone that will be supported in the future.


  1. Google calls out Apple for benefiting from iMessage green bubble bullying